Celebrate: Naani’s 70th Brunch


Hello everyone!  I want to start sharing more party planning/hosting stuff on my blog so I thought I’d start here.  This was a surprise brunch for my Naani’s 70th birthday that I helped my mom throw.  It was such a beautiful (and yummy) day.  Take a look at how we threw it together!
And of course I had to share my OOTD for the party 🙂


Celebrate: How to Throw a Great Engagement Party


Hey everyone!  As you would have seen in a previous #weddingseries post, you got a glimpse inside Brandon and I’s engagement party.  I shared with you pics of all of our decor and some of our awesome guests.  Today, I want to go into a bit more detail and share my tips for throwing a great engagement party.
#1 Keep the guest list relatively small
We decided to only invite Brandon and I’s immediate families and the bridal party.  That way no one’s feelings get hurt for not being invited and there’s no hassle.  You’re celebrating with those closest to you without feeling like you’re excluding others.
#2 Don’t break the bank
This is the engagement party, not the wedding.  So don’t break the bank trying to go over the top since it’s your first wedding event.  Save all that for the big day.  Focus on the big details that will make the party great; food, drinks, a bit of decor.  It doesn’t need to be over the top.
#3 Figure out who will host
For Brandon and I, it was super easy because my parents offered to throw us the party.  Tradition says that the groom’s parents are supposed to throw it, but it’s not like that’s a rule.  Sometimes the couple hosts, a close friend, a member of the bridal party, etc.  Just figure out who that is going to be.
#4 It doesn’t need to happen right after you get engaged
We got engaged in early December and our engagement party wasn’t until April 1st.  Don’t feel like it needs to be rushed (and planning a great party takes time).  Enjoy the initial excitement of being engaged before nailing everything down.
#5 Pick a venue that suits you as a couple
For us, super easy.  My parents hosted at their home which was the perfect setting for us. We were able to fit all of our guests while still feeling comfortable at home.  An added bonus to that is you can be setting up for weeks if needed.  If you are going to be hosting at a restaurant or other venue, be sure to book in advance because those places can book up quickly.
#6 Think about decor
We didn’t want our engagement party to be exactly the same as our wedding.  So we went with a black, white, and metallic evening theme that was super fun and classy.  And easy to execute I might add since metallic decor is such a trend.
#7 Send out invitations with plenty of time
You want all of your guests to be able to attend so sending out invitations with about 4-5 weeks notice is crucial.  That way, people should know their plans and can pencil you in to their calendar asap.
#8 Decide on a menu
Personally, my favorite things ever are appetizers and desserts.  So that’s what we did.  Also, we were hosting about 60 people (Brandon has a very large immediate family haha) and that’s a bit too many to do at a sit down meal.  We had everything from cheese plates, to bacon wrapped smokies, to rice crispy treats, and Oreo cake pops.  Brandon and I really picked out all of our favorite things and my mom executed it all flawlessly.  And yes, she did make everything herself.  Except for the brownie bites (Costco) and cupcakes (Safeway).
#9 Are you accepting gifts?
This was something Brandon and I hadn’t even thought of until the night was over and we were opening gifts the next morning.  We weren’t registered at the time but our guests were so sweet as to bring us the most thoughtful gifts.  If you are registered at the time of your party you can choose to either include that info in your invitation or not.  I feel like that’s more for showers and the wedding, but that’s totally up to you.
#10 Dress the part and have fun!
Decide on your dress code (ours was cocktail attire) and have a blast!  This is a celebration of the two of you being engaged and how exciting that is.  Brandon and I did coordinate in our outfits (i.e. he brings his whole dress clothes wardrobe to my house and I help him pick something out.)  He wore a white dress shirt with slacks and I wore a white lace dress with white pointed toe pumps. Stay tuned for my wedding event style and inspiration posts coming soon.
xoxo Lex