Thursday Thoughts – Your Man’s An Athlete

G o o d  E v e n i n g  L o v i e s

I just got home from sunday dinner at my Naani’s house. Almost every sunday my whole family gets together and has dinner. It’s our time to catch up and talk and be silly. We are an extremely close family and I love it. Anyway, we had such a good dinner and I am seriously so full right now. So I am sitting here writing to you all and something that I want to discuss is how to be an athlete’s girlfriend. Now this is not a “how-to” about how to become an athlete’s girlfriend. No No No.

This is about how to be able to be a good girlfriend to your athlete boyfriend.  And let me tell you, it’s way different than dating any other type of man.

They have extremely busy schedules, they are tired a lot, and many other difficulties that you will have to face and get over. Being in a relationship with an athlete; you become their support system, their best friend, their massage therapist, their shoulder to lean on, their ear to listen, and their love to take their mind off of the game.

As women, we want lots of attention from our men, or at least I do. And being with an athlete, you can’t always have that. You cannot be selfish in this relationship, because although he can put you first in every other attribute, his sport is his job. And even if they are just in college, it is like they have a full-time job outside of school. They can’t put you before that. And you shouldn’t ask them to. Sometimes they just have to do, what they have to do. And if you can’t accept that, then you can’t be with them.

S u p p o r t  S y s t e m

 Yes, these men have their teammates, and friends, and families to support them. But when he has had a bad day and gets home and needs you, you can bet you a$# that his friends aren’t going to be able to lift him up like you can. Your attitude can either put a smile on his face or make the hurt even deeper. Men need support. No matter how tough they act or how masculine they seem, they need that woman by their side. No matter what.
B e s t  F r i e n d
Now this might not be all relationships, but it should be. Brandon is my best friend. And yes I have my girls, but a friendship with your man is on a completely different level than with anyone else. You have to be able to laugh with him after a long day, to just lay in bed with him and watch movies all day because he’s too tired or sore to do anything else. And when he is your best friend, doing those things bring a smile to your face too.

M a s s a g e T h e r a p i s t

Now, this might seem a bit funny but it is so true. Athletes put their bodies through hell, day in and day out. And a lot more times than not, those big (sexy) 🙂 muscles are sore and need you to make them feel better. And trust me, he will thank you for it. And being able to help him feel better, makes you feel like your really helping him and his career.

E a r  t o  L i s t e n

Men, most men, like to talk. And my Brandon does a lot. 🙂 But this wasn’t always the case when it came to baseball. It took a lot for him to really open up to me about his game. But after 2 years, he opens up to me and talks to me about everything that happens in the games just like I’m one of his teammates. And the fact that I can talk back with him about it is a huge thing. If you know nothing about his sport, that is okay. But you had better learn. You don’t need to be an expert, but you do need to understand enough to know what he is talking about. And that will come with time after attending his games. (And you had better be attending)

T h e i r  L o v e

This is the most important. Because he’s not just an athlete, but he’s your man, your love. And sometimes you need to remind him of that. Do cute things for him, wear a sexy outfit, cook him a meal; remind him that, at the end of the day, it is just a game and you love him and he loves you and that is all that matters sometimes. You are that escape to take his mind off of the stress of the game. You make life better even when other things are going wrong.

There are so many other things that I can’t even think of right now, but for now, I hope this helps you all.

Now let’s not forget about Y O U.. and neither should he. Yes, cater to your man. But he should be catering to you as well. He should be taking care of you and what you need too. Sometimes it is harder for them to do that because of their crazy schedules, but as long as he is putting in the effort, that’s all that matters. For example, Brandon and I are 500 miles away from each other and I only get to see him about once a month. But every single month on our anniversary, (the ninth), I get a delivery of flowers to my doorstep. The card says “love, B” and it makes me the happiest girl in the world. Because even though he can’t take me on dates or make me breakfast in bed, he makes himself present in our special day even when he can’t be here and makes me feel like a princess every single day. And every time I fly down to see him, he tries his best to do little things to make our time special. (Even though most of his time is spent playing baseball game.)

Every woman deserves that.

Don’t settle for anything less than butterflies ladies.

Have a wonderful evening and I’ll talk to ya’ll later.

xoxo, lexie


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