Guide to Finals — My 10 Tips & Tricks

Happy Finals Week Ladies

I, personally, just finished all of my final tests and final papers last night and let me tell you, I slept like a baby. I feel like this enormous weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I can finally relax. But for those of you who are still going through finals, I want to lend some of my advice for, not only getting through finals week, but doing so, successfully.


1. P i c k   a   c o z y   s p o t

But don’t make it cozy enough to wear you are going to fall asleep because of all of the boring material that you’ll be studying. Trust me, I have done this. Make sure that you are comfortable because you are going to be in that spot A  L O T. And come back to that place every time you need to study because studies show that if you consistently study in the same space, you can program your mind into study mode whenever you’re present in that space. While libraries and study rooms at your school are great, they are not ALWAYS available; so my best suggestion would be to pick somewhere in your home that is quiet, undisturbed and where you can work in peace.

2.  B e   O r g a n i z e d

Before you start doing any studying, make sure that your area is clean and that your notes and materials are organized. Nothing is worse than working in clutter. I, personally, can’t even do homework or write a paper if my tools aren’t organized and clean (my room is a different story though 😉  This will help you be more efficient and timely as you won’t be rummaging through notes or papers because you will know where everything is and can therefore get more work done.

3. U s e   Y o u r   T i m e   Wi s e l y

This is probably my most important tip because just because you say you were studying for four hours doesn’t mean that your face was in a book the whole time. How much of that time were you scrolling through instagram or texting or going on Pinterest? (Yes I am guilty of all of these things) So turn your phone off (or on ‘do not disturb’) and do not even open those websites in new tabs on your computer. Just focus on what you need to do and I promise all of that stuff will still be there when you’re done. And it will almost be a reward as well.

4. G e t   E n o u g h   R e s t

I can not stress this enough. If you are up super late cramming for a test the night before and get hardly any sleep, chances are, you are not going to do well on that exam because you didn’t get enough sleep and your brain wasn’t prepared for it. So plan out your studying and make sure to leave in at least 7-8 hours of sleep, especially the night before a big test. Because even if you think your digesting all of that information the night before while your drooling over your coffee cup, your most likely not, because your brain is working so hard just trying to keep your eyes open.

5.  E a t  W e l l

Eating junk food while your studying or taking a test is not good. Eat healthy foods that are going to fuel your brain and energize you to do your best. This might seem like a minor thing but it can make all the difference. I remember my teachers telling me this in middle school before star testing and I thought it was so dumb, but those teachers were right and you need to do this. Eat to fuel your body.

6.  M u s i c

You might be reading this and be thinking, “Won’t music distract me from studying?” Yes, it will.. if it has lyrics, but if you are just playing the instrumental versions of songs, it will help you concentrate and keep your mind from wandering off to other things. This is a tip that I use a lot and have seen great results from, as my mind tends to wander off a lot.. “I wonder what Brandon’s doing” “I really need to paint my nails” “I wonder what I’m gonna wear tomorrow.”

7. W e a r   a   W a t c h

If you are checking the time on your watch, you won’t be tempted to look at your phone, which would cause you to want to check all of your social media outlets and then you have wasted an entire hour scrolling through information that is not going to help you ace that test. So wear a watch and it will save you time.

8.  U s e  F l a s h c a r d s

This might seem silly or juvenile but using flashcards is a tactic that I was, literally, using yesterday. It helps me to remember facts, vocab words, etc. so much easier and faster than if I was just reading them off of my notes or in a book. And just to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, use flashcards in bright colors that you like so that your study tools aren’t so blah!

9. K n o w  Y o u r  L i m i t s

If you know that your brain just can’t take in any more information for one day, then give it a rest for the day, or for a few hours. Go grab a coffee at Starbucks or watch one of your favorite shows or paint your nails, or just simply, go to bed. I can guarantee that if you do some of these things and come back to studying you will feel more energized and motivated to do so. Pushing your brain too hard won’t help anything except exhaust you.

10.  R e w a r d  Y o u r s e l f

This may be the most important. Set a goal or reward for yourself once your finals are over: Go shopping, get a mani-pedi with your girls, buy yourself those shoes that you have been eyeing for weeks. Whatever it is, just do something for YOU that makes YOU happy. This helps you have an end goal and lifts that weight of stress off of your shoulders. You can sit in that pedicure chair knowing that you did everything that you could and you did your best, and that is all that you can do in life. And especially with finals.

So those are my top 10 tips and tricks for finals.

I hope that you all aren’t stressing too much and have a wonderful day.

Remember, it will be over soon & it will be so worth it.

xoxo, lexie


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