Long Distance Love: Send him a Package

I know that this post is super late, but I thought that I would post it anyway. This was the package that I sent Brandon for our 2 year anniversary, since we couldn’t be together on the actual day. I send him packages probably about once a month, or so. I put a lot of time and effort into them and it just shows him that I’m thinking about him and missing him and he loves it. I make him his favorite cookies and send him his favorite things; anything like that. This package had a specific purpose, obviously, so I’ll show you everything that I included in this box.

I always decorate the inside of the box to make it more special.


Since Brandon does play baseball, I thought that this was the cutest idea. I wrote all of the reasons of “Why he is such a catch” on a baseball.


This was an old peanut butter container that I cleaned out. It is the perfect size to put homemade chocolate chip cookies in and fits perfectly into the box. And a little DIY never hurt anyone. 🙂



Brandon’s favorite kind of candy is sour so I filled this jar with sour worms. i.e. the label.  We met on May 9, 2012. Which is what we consider our anniversary because we were inseparable from that day on.


I made him a book of coupons: massage, breakfast in bed, etc., and personalized a frame that I bought to make it a bit more personal. (but I forgot to take a picture of the frame before I wrapped it, oops)


I again used another peanut butter container but this time filled it with trail mix because that is his favorite snack. 


So overall that is what was in the package, I hope that you guys liked this post and let me know if you would want to see more posts about the packages that I send Brandon to give you ideas on what to send your long distance love.

Have a wonderful day babes.

xoxo, Lexie