Healthiness 1/26/2015

Happy Monday everyone!!  Well, it’s back on the grind today; and for me it means that this week I go back to school after a very nice, long break.  I am looking forward to it though, because this is my LAST semester of college.  I will be graduating in May and you cannot even understand how excited I am!

Well, enough of me rambling and let me get to what this post is actually about.  As you know, I like to share fitness and health tips that I like and are helpful to me, in hopes that they will help  and inspire you as well.  On Thursday, I picked up one of these Bolthouse Farms Juices- Daily Greens.  It was actually pretty good and had lots of servings of fruits and veggies.  I was super busy that day and needed a pick me up with a bit more calories since I hadn’t eaten too much and this was perfect.  I think these juices are a great way to get more greens in your diet without having to live off of kale. 🙂 (See the pic below for info on what is in the juice.)



Yesterday I also tried this Naked Juice- berry veggie.  I liked the flavor of this one a lot more than the green juice and it was also very filling, which I liked.  Because, I feel, that when I drink a juice, I want it to fill me up, I don’t want to feel like I need a meal to accompany it because then the juice was just a waste of calories.


Anyways, I hope you guys try these juices and let me know what you think.  Also, if you have tried any great healthy things recently, I would love to hear about them. 🙂

xoxo lexie

Date Ideas in a Jar


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, don’t be surprised if my posts for the next few weeks all have a hint of ‘love’ in them.  For today’s post, I thought I would share something that can help any couple, even me and Brandon.  If you’re like us, unless we have something planned, anytime it comes to picking where to go to dinner or what to do on a date night, we can never decide.  So with these handy sticks, it makes it easy.  I filled my mason jar with popsicle sticks with dates written on them that Brandon and I have, either loved in the past or have never done.  This is a super easy DIY and you can make it your own however you want.

The dates I included in my jar:

– Donut Date: Take a walk (if it’s close enough) to your favorite donut shop and grab your favorite treat.  I love getting a chocolate milk (I know I’m a toddler 🙂 ) and eating our favorite vanilla sprinkle donuts with my honey.

– Let’s Make Dinner: go to the grocery store or use what you have in the kitchen, and BOTH OF YOU cook dinner together.  Pour a glass of wine and enjoy cooking together; one of Brandon and I’s favorite things to do.

– Try a New Restaurant: Pick somewhere new and go with it.  Enjoy trying something new together.

– Picnic on the Beach: This basically speaks for itself.  Can you say ‘romantic’?

– Your Choice: Your love gets to pick whatever they want to do for the date.

– My Choice: You get to pick.

– Dinner and a Movie: The classic date night.

– Breakfast in Bed: Make breakfast, no matter what time of day, and enjoy breakfast in bed together in your pjs.

– Hiking Date: Go on a hike to a beautiful place together.  Enjoy the outdoors.

– Home Movie Night: Make some popcorn and pick your favorite candy and movie and snuggle up.

– Indoor Carpet Picnic: Lay out a blanket and some fluffy pillows in front of the fireplace, pop open a bottle of wine and make some appetizers– perfect night to me. 🙂


xoxo lexie