Sent My Valentine a Package


Good Afternoon and happy Thursday everyone!  In today’s post I am featuring the most recent package that I sent to Brandon for Valentine’s Day.  Even though I’ll be there on the actual holiday, I wanted to send him little goodies during the week just to make sure he knows that I’m thinking about him and missing him.  I jam-packed this package with lots of his favorite chocolates and treats and it was basically an explosion of love (as you can see).  If you are wondering what the tin foil looking thing is; it’s a rice crispy treat that I formed into the shape of a giant Hershey’s kiss.  All of the cute little printables I found on Pinterest for free.  I also threw in a new AUX cord for him because he always breaks his.  It’s the little thoughtful things that he loves the most. Well, I hope this inspired you guys to create some creative V-Day gifts/packages, etc. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gift for it to mean more. When you put thought into something and show someone you really care, that means more than anything that money could buy them.  Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and weekend and I will talk to you all very soon.

xoxo, Lexie

Other Cute Creative Valentine’s Gifts I Found on Pinterest: Conversation Hearts Sugar Scrub // Beer Flower Bouquet // Valentine’s Lightbulb // Love Coupons //

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