Positive Thoughts


Happy Friday everyone.  I know that I have been super MIA lately and I am so sorry. Life has been crazy busy and in about a month, when I graduate, you will be getting a flood of so many blog posts that you’re going to be sick of me! 🙂

Anyways, today I want to talk about having a positive mind set.  I am someone who believes very strongly that you get out what you put in and that everything happens for a reason.  Over the past few years, I have come to (try to) be a positive person and have positive thoughts about things.  Now of course I know that this is not always easy; bad things happen, we have bad days, I get it.  But you can not ruin a good day because of a bad yesterday.

I firmly believe that if you have a positive mindset about things, good things will happen to you in return.  If you are negative, and surround yourself with negative people who also think the same way, nothing is going to turn around for you. You will continue to be in that negative bubble and in turn, push yourself into the negative situations that you feared would happen in the first place.  On the flip side, if you surround yourself with positive energy and keep a “glass half full” approach to things, you can make anything happen.  Your mind is a very powerful thing.  If you start to fill it with positive thoughts, your life will begin to change.  I promise. Now obviously I know that it’s not easy or really even possible to be positive 100% of the time.  Things happen that get us down. But it is how you react to those things that will change everything.  For example, when I am away from Brandon and am missing him, I could choose to lay in my room and be sad and negative and eat cookies all day, and sometimes I need that.  But that isn’t doing me any good. Instead, I will give myself something to look forward to.  I’ll plan a trip to see him or talk to him about some of the fun things we have coming up.  I’ll get out of the house and go for a walk or just do something for me that makes me happy and puts me in a better mood.  And before I know it, the time between us has flown by and I didn’t waste all of that time being down and negative.  That is the difference.  I am not an expert or a life coach by any means, but I know what works for me and what I have seen work for those around me.

So stay positive: Say that you can, instead of you can’t — Smile more — Be optimistic — Be thankful for the wonderful things that you do have — Pay someone a compliment — You’d be amazed what can happen in your life when you do some of these things.

Happy Friday everyone and have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for more Spring time posts coming soon to LLM

xoxo, Lexie

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