Monday Coffee 4/27


So, does anyone else feel like the energizer bunny running around their office after they’ve had their morning coffee? I definitely do.  Most of the time I drink tea, but there’s just something about a Monday that screams “I need coffee.”  Especially when you’re like me and it’s “that time of the month” and you wake up with a screaming headache—caffeine is definitely a must.  Today’s post, I just want to check in with you all and see how you’re all doing.  I just shot a spring outfit that you all are going to LOVE, so stay tuned for that either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I have definitely been incorporating more color into my wardrobe the past few weeks as the temperature has been heating up around here (and that is super reflected in this look).  It’s actually starting to feel like spring! Sorry for the random rant today but sometimes I just like to check in and say hey! This is the third week of the #BIKINI SERIES with Tone It Up!! If you haven’t already seen on my Instagram @lovelexiemarie and @llmblog, it is an amazing 8 week diet and exercise program that incorporates change in mind, body and spirit.  I have been following the workouts and nutrition program and I feel tighter, have more energy, and all of the food is delicious.  I am so in love with it and it’s not too late for y’all to sign up. Here is the link and be sure to check out the who TIU community on Instagram @karenakatrina and @ToneItUp — Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do a full post about Tone It Up and my experience with this amazing dynamic duo of Trainers and inspiration 🙂

Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone. Make it a great one 🙂

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