The Trend: Men’s Short Shorts


Recently, when I was walking into the gym, I said hi to the guy that works there, Dave. I’ve known him for a while and he always has something funny to say. But today he was asking me about a new trend in the men’s workout attire in the gym. A few different members have brought this look to his attention. He points to a few of the guys working out and I immediately know what he’s talking about. So Dave suggested that I talk about this subject on my blog and address this serious problem.

These guys are either wearing EXTREMELY short shorts (I’m talking “something could accidentally fall out” short) or very tight leggings resembling pants that I would wear to the gym (except mine aren’t see through). Now I have known guys to wear a legging type pant under workout shorts when exercising outdoors in the cold weather months, but this new “trend” baffled me. I can’t even seriously call this a trend because it shouldn’t be one. Another example is this other guy who’s in the gym every single day and it seems that his problem grows worse every day. And the longer he is at the gym, the higher his, already short, shorts seem to hike up. By the time he has finished his workout, his shorts resemble something like a diaper. If you can imagine what a grown man in a diaper with a t-shirt that has been cut out so much it’s basically a G-string on his upper body looks like- it’s actually pretty comical. But it is not a good look and it is not something that I, or any other gym-goers for that matter, want to see. And in regard to the leggings, those aren’t that bad, if they’re black, which I’ve rarely seen. When the leggings are black, you can’t quite see every shape and curve that the good lord gave him. But when they are a color, like a certain orange pair that I cringe at the thought of, you can see EVERYTHING! And I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Now if I wanted to see that kind of action, I would go to a strip club or call Brandon ;). I go to the gym to exercise, not to be blinded by the sight of an almost naked man.

But this trend isn’t just in the gym. It’s all over the beach and in stores. The hemline of men’s board shorts and cargo shorts have been creeping up higher and higher. To me, it’s the uniform of a silly frat guy who only wears pastel. I just don’t understand who decided that men’s thighs are something that should be shared with the world on a regular basis.

Of course, everyone is entitled to wear what he or she wants to wear and to like what he or she likes. But when you are making those around you extremely uncomfortable and basically exposing yourself in a public place, you may want to reconsider; especially in this case. Now don’t think I’m being sexist either. I wouldn’t want to see a girl in the gym with see through leggings on or shorts pulled up around her hoo-hah! Some of the pervs in the gym might disagree with me but it just isn’t appropriate. So the moral of the story is, put on some proper workout attire that doesn’t show your goodies when attending the gym. If you wouldn’t wear it around your grandmother, you shouldn’t be wearing it in the gym. Boys, and girls, these types of clothes will not get you attention. At least not respectable attention you would want.

xoxo, Lexie