Graze Review


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Good morning my loves!  Today I will be doing a review on a new service called Graze.  If any of you have tried Birchbox or FabFitFun or any of those beauty samplers then you will be familiar with this type of thing.  It’s basically a sampling box of different yummy and healthy snacks.  The packaging that Graze comes in is SUPER cute.  It’s very simple but adorable at the same time.  When you open the box, you see the nutrition info with a little personal note about the snacks that are being sent to you.  Then you get to the good stuff… THE FOOD!  You can either do a trial run for free (with sign up) where you receive four snacks in your box, or you can sign up for the recurring boxes (you choose how often you would like them delivered) which has eight snacks inside.  When you create your account, you go through a series of snacks and examples and pick and choose the kinds of things that you like so that Graze can send you foods that they think you will like based on your food preferences and lifestyle.  I tried to go for healthier options with lower calories and carbs since I try to live a relatively healthy lifestyle.  But they have all kinds of different things to suit any kind of diet and nutrition.  I also really liked that the snacks come with the nutrition facts so that I know what I’m eating and can factor them into my diet.  I have tried almost all of the snacks so far and let me tell you, they are so good!  I put the strawberries and cream crumble over my greek yogurt and it was the perfect breakfast combo.  So, overall I can say that if you are looking for some nutritional convenience and want to try some new things, give this a try!

If you try Graze, let me know what you think and what your favorite snacks are!

xoxo, Lex

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