Halloween Package #LDR

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What to do when you’re in a LDR (long-distance relationship) and your man is stressed out about school, life and everything else, and there really isn’t anything that you can do about it?  Because you’re obviously not physically there to help him out.  My way of helping?  Sending my man a thoughtful, sweet, and “man-approved-favorite” snack filled package.  Brandon loves food and loves it even more when I send it to him.  So, (to make it cute and put in that extra effort) I decorated the shipping box with lots of cute Halloween printables, baked him his favorite banana bread, and bought some of his favorite snacks.  All of these items together equal the perfect, thoughtful gift for my man.  This banana bread is literally his favorite thing ever, and when packaged correctly, lasts well past the time it takes to ship (2 days).  If you guys are interested in the recipe please let me know and I will do a whole post on it.  Doing things like this for Brandon, lets him know that I’m thinking about him and am trying to help, even though I can’t be there with him.  And guess what?  He absolutely loved this surprise.  So, take this tip and try it on your man!  He will definitely feel loved and put a smile on his face.  Have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll talk to you all later.

xoxo Lex

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