Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

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//  1. Ray Ban  //  2. Marshall Speaker   //  3. Polar A360 Watch  //  4. Oakley Sweatshirt    // 5.  Ugg Slippers  //  6. Fossil Overnight Bag  //  7. Cards Against Humanity Game  //  8. Beats Headphones  //  9. The Art of Shaving Kit  //  10. Nike SB Portmore Shoes  //

As promised, I’m back with another holiday gift guide; this time for those special guys in your life.  I, personally, struggle every year when shopping for these men.  Girls are easy; you can never buy us enough shoes, makeup, clothes, handbags, etc., and there’s always more, new and different stuff.  But with guys, you want to get them something cool that they’ll really like and enjoy; not something they’ll throw in their closet and never wear or use.  So, I put together this guide with some gifts that either, I’ve given to my boyfriend (or brother, dad, etc.) or think would be great gifts.
The Marshall speaker was a hit with my boyfriend (I got this for him last year).  He loves things that are unique, a little eclectic, and different.  And it’s a timeless piece that is made with such quality that he will have it forever.  And it’s not some hideous sound system that I wouldn’t want out in our home one day. 😉
The Polar watch is an item that’s perfect for the athletic man in your life.  In my opinion, it’s way cooler, and more rough guy friendly, than the apple watch because it’s not as fragile and easily breakable.  As you have seen in many of my posts, I have the Polar A300 watch and am so in love and obsessed with it.  It has helped me so much in my workouts and helps me push harder since I can see my heart rate right on the face of the watch (you must buy the additional heart rate monitor for the A300-$30).  I think any guy that’s into fitness would love this gift and it’s also kind of techy and cool.
recommend all of these gifts and please let me know if you get any of these for the men in your life.
Happy Holidays!
Xoxo Lex

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