Cookies by Lexie | Vol. 2

Hello dears!  Welcome to the second installment of my ongoing cookie posts.  The following pictures are from a few designs that I’ve done since my previous post.  I’ve been doing a lot of new stuff they’re all super different and colorful and fun.  I love all these  because it really helps me practice and expand my range of skill.  That sounds so silly, “My range of skill in cookies” haha normally for me that would mean my skill to eat them!  Haha but this time it’s in the skill of design and creativity.  Also, I want to include that most of my cookies are at least a dozen.  But I only take photos of a few so you can really grasp the detail.  I hope you guys enjoy these pics and I would love any feedback or comments you have for me.


Boy Baby Shower

Monkeys for a coworker’s daughters birthday

Some simple initials

Baby Gender Reveal Party

All of the above onesie cookies were for a baby shower order but I did such a variety of designs that I had to show them all!

xoxo Lexie


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