How To Be Rich In Your Twenties


Now, by no means am I rich.  Not in any way, shape or form.  But for my age, I do pretty well for myself.  Let me give you a bit of background as to why I feel I can talk about this subject.  Yes, I know, I live at home and all of that blah blah blah.  But I could be like every other twenty-something out there and blow my paychecks on drinks every weekend, new clothes and getting my nails done.  In my first year of being graduated from college and being in the “real world,” I’ve learned a lot.  Even though I have been working since I was fifteen, this past year was the first time in my life that I was working completely full time and making a full-time salary.  Before this point, I always worked part-time, or was an intern, and went to school full-time.  I always saved my money, which I think instilled some basic drive in me for my adult life, but it has now been taken to a new level.
My parents always told my brother and I to save our money.  And we did.  We both always worked and had/have jobs, bought things for ourselves, and put money away into bank accounts.  Yes, our parents paid for school and the necessities of life, their good parents and I’m extremely blessed and fortunate, but our deal with our parents was that if they helped us a bit along the way, we had to save the majority of our money for our future (which is what I’m doing currently).  Brandon and I don’t live together and our goal is to one day buy a house when we’re married and all that jazz.  But in California, you better have a pretty penny if you want to be living somewhere safe.  I would say, “so that you don’t live in the ghetto,” but let’s be PC.  So, you could say that my immediate saving goal, and reason for trying to be “rich in my twenties” is for that.  I want to buy a house, and be able to do so without having to eat ramen noodles for the next two years following.  So here are my tips for being “Rich in Your Twenties.”


This might sound silly to you but it’s true.  Now how do I do this?  Well, every time I receive a paycheck, I put most of that paycheck into my savings account.  That savings account I do not touch.  It’s almost as if it doesn’t exist.  My checking account, however, is used to pay things like my credit card, gas for my car, dinners with Brandon and friends or whatever else.  But that also doesn’t mean that I keep money in that account just to blow it.  That money has a purpose and I use it for the necessary things and so that I can also be twenty-two and have fun.


While, I love my boyfriend dearly, it’s crazy to me that he buys his lunch every single day at work.  Sorry honey 🙂  But I understand it because he goes to work at 5 am and doesn’t have a whole lot of extra time to be making himself a PB&J.  In my case, I set aside some extra time each evening to make my food for the next day.  By doing this you can save about $10 a day, $50 a week, and $200 a month.  That adds up pretty quick.  And I’d rather spend that money on more useful things.  Not to mention that eating out every day isn’t always very healthy.  Just think about the pounds you could be saving yourself, and the dollars.


Don’t get me wrong, I think having a nice set of nails is very important and makes you look professional and clean.  But I am not about to shell out $40-$50 to get a mani-pedi every week, or every other week.  That is ridiculous.  Most of the girls I know have a stash of nail polish that they never use.  Break out those bad boys and do it yourself. Not only will it save you time, but you’ll have an extra couple hundred bucks in your wallet every month.


Just kidding 🙂  I’m all for a good margarita or glass of wine.  But lord knows it is so much cheaper to buy your own alcohol and make your own drinks at home with friends, than it is to buy them when your out.  Yes, I’ll (or Brandon will) treat myself to a drink at dinner every now and again but it’s not something that happens regularly.  Have your friends over and have everyone bring a bottle of wine.  Whatever!  Get turnt at home girl!  Plus, your saving money on that Uber ride home too!


Yes, I love a good shopping trip with my mom or girlfriends, but I do try to keep it to a minimum unless I need something for a specific event or occasion or a gift for someone.  Another rule I try to stick to is to not to buy things that are “trendy.”  Or at least to not to buy expensive trendy things.  Those are items you can skim on and get inexpensive.  Invest in classic timeless pieces that will never go out of style.  Those are what make your wardrobe and are worth the money.


I didn’t think this was important to start at my age or to my “wealth” at this age, but with Brandon being an econ major and all, he yapped my ear off to enroll in my company’s 401K program.  You don’t think it’s important now but putting away a little bit of money from each paycheck into a 401K really helps start a good foundation for your future self.  And I prefer to have it taken directly out of my paycheck, so it’s like I never even had the money in the first place.  That way you aren’t thinking about the money you aren’t receiving.  It’s just slyly building up over time.


No, not like that crazy show on TLC.  But be sure to check or use the app before making purchases regular purchases.  Things like groceries, household staples, shampoo, any of those things I can usually find a coupon for and it saves you money!  Why pay extra if you don’t have to?  Also, I like to get my gas at Safeway or Chevron because when I use my Safeway card and get groceries (or my dad does- sorry for stealing your rewards Dad) you get points towards dollars off every gallon at Safeway and participating Chevron gas stations.  It’s not being cheap, it’s being smart.


So many people my age open credit cards and think it’s the best thing in the world, only to find themselves in a heap of debt that they can’t climb out of.  Yes, have a credit card so you can be establishing good credit.  But use it for the necessities, not luxury items you wouldn’t normally buy.  Use it for gas, groceries, or the like.  But pay it off.  If you can’t afford something with cash, you probably shouldn’t be buying it with your credit card either.
I hope this was helpful for y’all and I hope you can use these tips and be “rich” in your twenties.  Have a wonderful day and let me know what you want to see next.  CYA

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