Our Engagement Shoot (Snow)


img_5813img_5810img_5809Now when I say “engagement shoot,” this was a bit more impromptu than the norm.  Our wedding photographer Nicola, who is also a dear friend, was in Tahoe with her boyfriend, Broc, and Brandon and I.  She had mentioned earlier in the trip that she wanted to take some snow engagement photos of Brandon and I, but we never really got the chance to.  So on our drive back home, you could say we got a slight chance.  Because of the insane snow storm, we were sitting in our cars, in traffic, for about 5 hours, in one spot.  So, Nicola was like, “Let’s take some pics!”  Obviously, it was a great idea!  It always is when you’re around her.  Brandon wasn’t really in the mood (we had already been in the car for abut 4 hours) but nonetheless, she got some great shots.  Stay tuned for pictures from our “planned” engagement shoot, coming soon.  Also, please check out Nicola’s website here!  She’s not only a great person and friend, but she’s an incredible photographer.   I can not recommend her enough and you will never be disappointed by her talent.

xoxo Lex

How We Met

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 9.56.22 AM.pngSince we recently got engaged, I thought I’d tell the story of how Brandon and I started out almost five years ago, just to give you all a bit more background on us.  Brandon and I met May 9th, 2012.  Now this wasn’t the usual “boy approaches girl and we fall madly in love” kind of story.  Brandon actually says, “I wasn’t going to come up and talk to you because I didn’t want to be ‘another one of those guys.'”  But let’s rewind a little and talk about how the romance began. I was in my English class at the college we attended with my friend, Jarrett.  I was telling him how I just wanted to meet a nice guy and that everyone I had been meeting just “wasn’t it.”  So Jarrett, being the resourceful and hilarious person that he is, pulls out his laptop and decides that he has 2 options of male suitors for me to pick from.  You would have thought that we were on an episode of the bachelor.  Well, low and behold, who did I pick from these options, but Brandon.  So, I added him on Facebook and he confirmed my friend request even though we had never actually met.  After that, we would see each at school but wouldn’t ever talk to each other, like the big dorks that we are.

One night I was at the movies seeing “The Lucky One,” with my Mom and Naani when I (for whatever reason) mustered up some b@lls to send Brandon a Facebook message. (Which, for your entertainment, you can read below).  Since I was going to UCLA that weekend and Brandon had a championship baseball game, we couldn’t hang out.  But we literally texted and talked almost every second from the moment that first Facebook message was sent.  Unfortunately, they lost that game and Brandon had to deal with some unfortunate events that weekend and all of a sudden stopped talking to me. It was like he fell off the face of the earth.  A few days went by and so I texted him to see if everything was alright.  I mean it went from 24/7 texting, to nothing.  He texted me back the biggest novel of a text, explaining what had happened and how sorry he was for not responding.  We decided we’d get together that week at school and finally meet face to face.  That day was May 9th, 2012.  We met outside of the coffee shop in the cafeteria.  (And boy was he cute!)  We talked and hugged and agreed WE wanted to hang out more.  He left for baseball practice and texted me “You’re even more beautiful in person.”  Wasn’t that smooth?!  From that day on we were pretty much inseparable.  Until Brandon dropped the bomb that a week later he’d be leaving for three months to play summer ball in Wisconsin.  I basically thought that was it.  How would we do long distance?  We barely new each other. But Brandon asked me to wait for him and (obviously) I did.  I knew something was different with him when I drove him to the airport and as soon as he walked away, I started balling crying.  Now, if you know me, you know my mother calls me “Hard Hearted Hannah” and it takes A LOT to make me cry.  I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Must’ve been something serious to bring out that kind of emotion.  But he left.

He called me every day and tried to talk to me whenever he could.  And let me just say, you did not disturb me every day at 4 o’clock when his game would be live streaming online.  I didn’t know it yet, but I was head over heels for this guy.  Eventually, at the end of the summer, Brandon came home and basically, that was it.  We were inseparable from then on and almost 5 years later are engaged.  So that’s that folks!


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xoxo Lex