Our Engagement Shoot (Snow)


img_5813img_5810img_5809Now when I say “engagement shoot,” this was a bit more impromptu than the norm.  Our wedding photographer Nicola, who is also a dear friend, was in Tahoe with her boyfriend, Broc, and Brandon and I.  She had mentioned earlier in the trip that she wanted to take some snow engagement photos of Brandon and I, but we never really got the chance to.  So on our drive back home, you could say we got a slight chance.  Because of the insane snow storm, we were sitting in our cars, in traffic, for about 5 hours, in one spot.  So, Nicola was like, “Let’s take some pics!”  Obviously, it was a great idea!  It always is when you’re around her.  Brandon wasn’t really in the mood (we had already been in the car for abut 4 hours) but nonetheless, she got some great shots.  Stay tuned for pictures from our “planned” engagement shoot, coming soon.  Also, please check out Nicola’s website here!  She’s not only a great person and friend, but she’s an incredible photographer.   I can not recommend her enough and you will never be disappointed by her talent.

xoxo Lex

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