Bridal Fairs- Go or No?
With all of the information out there these days about all of the information on weddings, it can be really overwhelming.  An option that can be really helpful, are bridal fairs.  They generally have vendors that are general to your area which makes finding vendors really easy and can be a good calm, with all of the stressful overflow of information out there.  For me, I wasn’t super interested in going to the large, general bridal fairs that are held at hotels or huge convention centers.  I didn’t know if I’d be able to relate or gain anything from all of that.  But when I found out that our wedding venue was holding their own fair with all of their preferred vendors, I quickly changed my tune.

I loved so many things about it:

  • I got to taste my venues catering, champagne, appetizers, and beer.  (AMAZING!)

  • It was a chance to see the venue set up for an event.

  • They gave me about 3 options for each type of vendor (florists, bakery, etc.)

  • I didn’t feel pressured or pushed by any of them.

  • I knew that they all were comfortable and familiar with my venue and it’s needs.

  • It was free because we’re holding our wedding there.

  • I got to talk to individual vendors without them trying to push themselves on me.  They knew that I was already interested because I was there.

  • I got to meet more of the wedding coordinators we’d be working with.

  • It was a fun day for me to spend with my mom and MOH.

Because I wasn’t overwhelmed with so many companies, it was really easy for me to say to myself, “I like you” or “You’re not really my vibe.”  Because of this, I left the bridal fair feeling really confident about so many decisions.  I found a florist, bakery, DJ/music/lighting, and videographer, that I loved and was ready to contact and book.  Of course, I had to talk to my fiancé about all of it, but I was feeling really good, which is how you should feel when making these decisions.  Not like you were pressured.  And while I did get a lot of information, it wasn’t overwhelming.

So, I guess the choice is really up to you, and your preferences.  In conclusion, I loved my smaller, more specific bridal fair experience, but the larger, more corporate ones, weren’t for me.  I hope my experience helped you guys a little bit and let me know what you think about bridal fairs, and any other wedding topics down below.

xoxo, Lex


Engagement Shoot Tips


Hello everyone!  Today, the topic is… your engagement shoot!  Brandon and I shot ours with our amazing photographer, Nicola, a couple of months ago (as seen in my previous post), and I wanted to share what I learned from our experience and give you some tips and tricks to make the shoot fun and easy, which is how it should be.


Before ever even setting foot on a location, or looking at outfits, or poses or whatever your pinning at the moment, have a full conversation with your photographer about what you envision, the vibe of the whole shoot, about you and your fiancé, your relationship, etc.  Talk it all out before hand so that on the day of, there’s no confusion and you’re all on the same page.  Also, be open to ideas from your photographer.  They’re the professional here and a lot of times, have amazing ideas that you may have thought of. For example, before our shoot, I had this vision of it being very casual and I was planning an entire different outfit.  Nicola showed me one photo and completely changed my vision and inspired the shoot we ended up doing and I couldn’t have been happier. 


Don’t tie yourself down to one look or trend.  Be open to everything and even bring a few outfits with you in case of an emergency, such as weather, or whatever!  Also, the outfit your planning might not look right with the location.  Don’t be afraid to change.  It’s never a bad idea to have a backup. 


This might seem like kind of a silly one, but if you’re wearing fake eyelashes on the day of your shoot, like I was, make sure to bring glue with you.  On the beach the day of ours, it was quite windy, and about 3/4 of the way through, one of my eyelashes started fluttering in the wind and hanging off my eye!  This was actually pretty funny, and Nicola was a pro at hiding this, but it could’ve been avoided had I brought glue with me!


Brandon and I were both in neutral colors that complimented each other.  Don’t wear the same outfit, or all one color, matching your groom.  It tends to look a little “brother-and-sister” in staged studio photos from JCPenney.  Compliment each other and wear something that feels like you.  If you’re more casual, do that.  If he’s Mr. Wall Street, it’s totally cool to do a chic “in the city” suit and tie type of deal.  Just do whatever feels like you.  Don’t use this as an opportunity to be something your not. 


The day of Brandon and I’s shoot, we got SO SO lucky and it was a beautiful day!  But if that is not the case for you, or the weather just isn’t cooperating with your idea, have fun with it.  It can either turn into an awesome, but different shoot, or you can decide to reschedule or go with a plan B.  Basically, be flexible.  This is a happy day, and if it rains, hey! I think shoots in the rain are awesome!  And if your photographer is up for the challenge, just go with it.


You can definitely tell the difference between a couple who is actually having fun in a photo and those who are sitting in a forced and awkward pose from their photographer.  Be natural.  Something I loved about Nicola was that, yes she suggested doing different things, but she just captured us naturally being together.  There wasn’t any forced “put your hand here, turn this way, smile” nonsense.  


Check out a few different locations before deciding on one.  The way something looks in your mind, might not look the same in person.  Are there big crowds there?  Is there parking?  Is it easy to get to? Do you have to pay to get in?  And so many more questions can factor in to your decision.  In my opinion, free, easy, and accessible are always the best ideas.


Don’t lose sight of why you’re doing this.  These photos are to celebrate the time in your life when you’re engaged to the love of your life.  And if you’re lucky, it’ll be the only time.  Remember that it should be a good experience that you look back on with a smile.  Besides the wedding photos, having these professional photos of the two of you are amazing keepsakes to remember this special time in your life.  Don’t let the stress of getting “the perfect photo” overshadow that.  That’ll happen naturally. 


Be silly, have fun, and be yourself.  It will come through in the photos if you’re genuinely doing those things.