Bridal Fairs- Go or No?
With all of the information out there these days about all of the information on weddings, it can be really overwhelming.  An option that can be really helpful, are bridal fairs.  They generally have vendors that are general to your area which makes finding vendors really easy and can be a good calm, with all of the stressful overflow of information out there.  For me, I wasn’t super interested in going to the large, general bridal fairs that are held at hotels or huge convention centers.  I didn’t know if I’d be able to relate or gain anything from all of that.  But when I found out that our wedding venue was holding their own fair with all of their preferred vendors, I quickly changed my tune.

I loved so many things about it:

  • I got to taste my venues catering, champagne, appetizers, and beer.  (AMAZING!)

  • It was a chance to see the venue set up for an event.

  • They gave me about 3 options for each type of vendor (florists, bakery, etc.)

  • I didn’t feel pressured or pushed by any of them.

  • I knew that they all were comfortable and familiar with my venue and it’s needs.

  • It was free because we’re holding our wedding there.

  • I got to talk to individual vendors without them trying to push themselves on me.  They knew that I was already interested because I was there.

  • I got to meet more of the wedding coordinators we’d be working with.

  • It was a fun day for me to spend with my mom and MOH.

Because I wasn’t overwhelmed with so many companies, it was really easy for me to say to myself, “I like you” or “You’re not really my vibe.”  Because of this, I left the bridal fair feeling really confident about so many decisions.  I found a florist, bakery, DJ/music/lighting, and videographer, that I loved and was ready to contact and book.  Of course, I had to talk to my fiancé about all of it, but I was feeling really good, which is how you should feel when making these decisions.  Not like you were pressured.  And while I did get a lot of information, it wasn’t overwhelming.

So, I guess the choice is really up to you, and your preferences.  In conclusion, I loved my smaller, more specific bridal fair experience, but the larger, more corporate ones, weren’t for me.  I hope my experience helped you guys a little bit and let me know what you think about bridal fairs, and any other wedding topics down below.

xoxo, Lex


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