Celebrate: My Bridal Shower

Lex-15Be ready for a picture overload.  I apologize in advance for this but I just had to share all of the beautiful pictures from my bridal shower this past Sunday.  My mom threw me the most amazing and perfect shower and it was such a wonderful day.  I was surrounded by all of my friends and family (on my side) and felt so blessed.  To be honest, I couldn’t even believe it was MY shower and that I’m really getting married.  It’s so surreal to me.  Thank you to my mom for making this so special and thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with me.  A special thank you to my amazing friend and photographer, Nicola (click to visit her page) for capturing this incredible day.  Also, an additional thank you to EB Party rentals for the beautiful chiavari chairs that all my guests sat in!  They were the perfect finishing touch.  I couldn’t have dreamed of a better day.  But enjoy all of these pics and stay tuned for a guest post from my momma where she shares her tips for throwing a fabulous bridal shower; because obviously she knows what she’s talking about. Lex-37














xoxo Lexie

#WeddingSeries: Custom Bridesmaids Dress Fitting

Now you may have seen that title and thought, “Oh my gosh how was it possible that you had a custom bridesmaids dress fitting (in my own home) without breaking the bank?”  Well let me introduce you to a website that has revolutionized the way of bridesmaids dress shopping.  It’s called Azazie.com and I’m obsessed with it.  First, I’m going to insert a little bio about the company and how they work and then I’ll talk about my experience with them.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 11.20.39 AM.png

WHO IS AZAZIE? https://www.azazie.com

Azazie is on a mission to reinvent the way you shop for special occasion dresses. We believe that everyone should be able to own handmade pieces that are of the highest quality and custom fit- all at an affordable price! Our unique platform matches your needs to the skilled craftsmanship of one of our artisan tailors before shipping your made-to-order dress right to your door.


Our brand is dedicated to professional craftsmanship and quality precision, where each dress is cut and sewn to order. Whether standard or custom-sized, every dress is made starting from the day an order is placed so you’ll know on your special day that your dress was made just for you!


At Azazie, we pride ourselves on offering a custom-fit option. What does this mean? We customize your bust, waist and hip areas to better fit your body, easing the burden of major alterations. Each custom-sized dress is cut to fit the measurements you provide, but perfect measurements cannot ensure a perfect fit.

Every body is different and your dress may still need additional alterations. Azazie is here to help make such a special day just a little bit easier!


We’ve built a channel to surpass traditional retailers in terms of quality and affordability by excluding unnecessary middlemen and utilizing the expertise of family-owned dressmakers. Our platform avoids traditional retail costs of advertising, physical retail space, procurement, and unsold inventory. At Azazie, every dollar you spend goes directly into the design, materials, and craftsmanship of your dress.

Now, let me just say, I agree with every single thing that they just said.  The customer service is impeccable, the dresses are such amazing quality and the fact that you can have a custom size made for your girls, at no additional cost, just puts the cherry on top.  I picked out all of the dresses in the color that I liked the best.  i picked about 5 options; all the same fabric and length but with different necklines that I thought my girls would love.  To sample each dress in a size of your choosing, it’s $10 each.  So to have this in home, personal experience with my girls, it cost me about $60.  And you get to keep the dresses for about 2 weeks before having to send them back.  And I can 100% say that it was worth it.  Everyone got to try on and pick out exactly what they wanted.  And did I mention the price point?  Each of my girls dresses, with shipping, was under $150!  There was no hassle of sales people or a time limit and it was a day with my girls that I’ll always remember. I could go on and on but I’ll leave you guys to check out the website yourselves and let you take a peak of the little spread we put on that morning.